FAQ (and answers) for students

Logging in using a TU/e account

peach³ is linked to the central account database of the TU/e. This means that users with a TU/e account do not need to register with peach³, nor can they change their password from peach³. The login information for peach³ is the same as the login for OASE, Exchange and other TU/e services.

If you do not have your TU/e accountname or password, please contact the NSC or the ICT servicedesk of your department.

Which web browsers can I use with peach³?

  • Any modern standards-compliant (HTML5) web browser should work.
  • We test peach³ extensively with Chrome. Furthermore, recent versions of FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge should also work.
  • Older versions of Internet Explorer (9 and older) are definitely not supported.

I am using a supported browser, but still have problems with peach³

Sometimes browser plugins can cause problems with peach³. Certain "toolbar" plugins will modify the content of a page and inject content like links or advertisements. This is usually caused by malware that was automatically installed on your computer without your consent.

  • Make sure you always have an up-to-date virus scanner installed.
  • Clear the browser's cache. Delete all cookies. The browser might be using an older version of the client-side scripts.
  • Remove or disable toolbars, plugins and extensions in your browser.
  • If your browser has an anonymous or private browsing mode (eg. Chrome and Firefox have these), try that as most plugins are disabled in anonymous mode.
  • If you still experience any problems, try another browser.
  • If the problem was solved by using another browser, or if you believe the problem is not caused by your browser, please report the issue in the peach³ users Google Group, including what went wrong and which browsers (including version numbers) you used, as well as the exact time the error occured. Also include a screenshot if possble.

How do I submit work for an assignment?

  1. After logging in, select the relevant course from your overview of Active courses, to get a page that lists all available Assignments in that course.
  2. Click on the relevant assignment, to get an in-line overview of assignment description and your earlier submissions for that assignment (if any).
  3. Click on Create submission, to open a new page to select files for your new submission.
  4. Click on Add files... to add one or more files.
  5. Optionally, enter some text with your submission in the Comment text area.
  6. Click on Submit to complete your submission.

What if I want to withdraw a submission?

  • A new submission for an assignment, when accepted by peach³, will automatically revoke all earlier submissions for the same assignment.
  • Because a new submission revokes all earlier submissions, all files need to be added to the new submission. No files from earlier submissions will be inherited by newer submissions.
  • All submissions remain visible in peach³, but only the latest accepted submission will be evaluated.
  • A submission can be rejected by peach³ when it violates a requirement of the assignment; for instance, when submitting a .doc file where the assignment requires a .pdf file.
  • A rejected submission is stored in peach³, but it does not withdraw an earlier accepted submission and it will not be evaluated.

How do I do a peer review?

  1. Navigate to the relevant peer review assignment, and open it in-line. The description will provide (a link to) further course-specific instructions.

  2. Click on

    • Start peer review (first time only),
    • Continue peer review (when some required results are still missing), or
    • Edit peer review (when all required results were already entered),

    to open a page with your peer review bundle.

  3. When opening the peer review bundle for the first time, click on Retrieve my Peer Review Bundle (this step will disappear in the future).

  4. Depending on how the peer review assignment is configured (also see the course-specific instructions), there are various peer review results that you may or must provide:

    • Ranking: the rank is set through drag and drop on the peer review bundle page;
    • Grading, the grade/score is set through a drop-down menu, for each submission under review;
    • Reporting, the report is either entered as plain text or uploaded, for each submission under review.
  5. To view a submission under review, click the button next to it. It is recommended to open each submission under review in a separate window, so that you can more easily compare them. Click on the file name, to view its contents in-line.

  6. Follow the course-specific instructions to review the submissions and determine the review results. Enter these results in peach³, and confirm them by clicking Submit Ranking and Submit Review.

How do I make sure that my name in a file will not be visible to other students involved in a peer review?

  • When submitting a PDF, place confidential information on the first page, and public information on subsequent pages.
  • When submitting a plain text file or text review, place confidential information above the cut line (first line containing the cut mark, typically --8<--), and public information below the cut line.
  • You can verify this by clicking the button with an eye on it, to obtain an anonymous view of the file.

How do I receive the feedback on my submission or peer review?

All feedback on submissions, including automated feedback (eg. the reason for an automatic rejection) and reviews by both staff and peers, will be shown on the submission page itself (ie. click on the submission on the course page)

Feedback on peer reviews ("likes") is currently not shown in peach³ itself. How you receive this feedback depends on the course.

Programming language specific issues


  • peach³ does not support subdirectories in submissions, therefore the package statement cannot be used. Any class defined in a source file containing a package statement will not be found by other classes. Solution: remove any package statements from your source files before submitting them.

What if my question does not appear in this FAQ?

  • For questions related to a course or assignments, contact the teacher of that course.
  • For questions regarding the use of peach³, consult the peach³ users Google Group. If your question is not addressed in that group, you can ask it there.
  • As a last resort you can contact the developer and maintainer Erik Scheffers.