FAQ (and answers) for staff

What facilities does peach³ offer to support my course?

Peach is a web-based course-work management system that provides functionality to

  1. Cluster students within a course, linked to Oase registration;
  2. Offer assignments to students registered for the course; visibility of an assignment can be timed;
  3. Enforce deadlines for assignments, as a whole and for individuals;
  4. Collect the work of students for assignments, supporting group work with multiple authors;
  5. Store and preserve all versions of submitted work;
  6. Control access to submitted work and related information by relevant staff members;
  7. Enter manual feedback on submitted work (by staff);
  8. Grade submitted work manually (by staff), in terms of configurable grading systems;
  9. Organize double-blind peer reviews, where students evaluate work of others, delivering a textual report, a grade, and/or a ranking; parameters are configurable; also see this document (pdf).
  10. Process submitted work automatically by an assignment-specific script, to produce automatic feedback; visibility of this feedback can be controlled;
  11. Generate bulk downloads of submitted work, and course overview reports;
  12. Communicate with external software through a secure API;
  13. Compare submitted work against work submitted by others for similar assignments, also from previous years;

Also see peach³ overview (pdf)

What equipment and software do I need to use peach³ in my course?

TU/e courses can be accommodated on the TU/e peach server. So, you do not need to provide a server and install/configure peach³ software. To access peach³, a (modern) web-browser and an internet connection suffices for both staff and students. See the FAQ (and answers) for students for a list of supported browsers.

For courses involving non-TU/e students, we have an external server.

We do need to charge a fee to recover our operating costs (such as central backup, and support).

Because peach³ is open-source software, you can set up your own server, and install and configure a peach³ system on it. However, this requires considerably more technical knowledge.

How can I start using peach³ for my TU/e course?

Send the following information to the address listed on the Contact page:

  • Course code (if the course does not have a regular course code, then you need to contact us first). You must be listed as one of the people responsible for the course on OASE.
  • NT-account name (you must have logged in with this on peach.win.tue.nl at least once to activate your account for peach³ usage)

An instance for the course will be made and it will be linked to OASE for student registrations. You will be made manager for that course, all other configuration (adding other managers, adding teachers and teaching assistants, adding assignments) can be done by you through peach³.

How can add other managers or teachers?

Currently, this needs to be done through the old peach³ web interface. See

How can I configure an assignment?

Currently, this needs to be done through the old peach³ web interface. See

However, the parameters concerning peer reviews are configured through the Django admin interface. See Peer Reviews in peach³ for some documentation.

How can I view student submissions?

For normal submissions, this needs to be done through the old peach³ web interface. Also see the on-line peach documentation, in particular

Peer-review couplings and ranking or grading results can only be viewed using the Django admin interface, in the "Peer review bundles" table.

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