Peach³ phased out, replaced by Momotor plug-in for Canvas

(last update: January 23, 2017)

With the arrival of a new LMS (Canvas) in the second quartile of 2016/2017, peach³ has been phased out as a stand-alone system and the automated checking has been integrated with Canvas.

There is an overlap in functionality between peach³ and Canvas. Because of this, was been decided to stop development on peach³ and focus on the functionality that is not available in Canvas: the automated evaluation of submissions. This functionality - which we call Momotor - will be provided as a plug-in for Canvas and will be compatible with existing peach³ evaluation packages and also providing new functionality that has been requested for peach³ but was hard to implement there. The Momotor App for Canvas is now available.

Added November 3, 2016:

Momotor now has a project website where we will put documentation and other information:

Added January 23, 2017:

The Momotor App is now activated for the TU/e Canvas installation and available for all courses. This makes the automated checking of submissions as done by peach³ available in Canvas. All other peach³ functionality, including peer reviews and plagiarism detection, is not part of the Momotor App since these functionalities either already exist in Canvas or other Canvas add-ons.

Documentation on how to enable Momotor for a course can be found in the Momotor LTI Tool Provider online documentation.


Q1 - Sep 2016 - Oct 2016

  • Canvas not yet available for general use
  • Peach³ available

Q2 - Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

  • Canvas available for general use
  • Peach³ not recommended for courses not requiring automated evaluation of submissions
  • Peach³ available for courses requiring automated evaluation of submissions
  • Testing the Momotor Canvas plug-in with a select number of courses

Q3 - Feb 2017 onwards

  • No new course editions in peach³

After February 2017 peach³ remains online in a read-only state for the foreseeable future to provide access to historical data.

If there are any questions you can contact us:

Erik Scheffers <>

Tom Verhoeff <>