Stand alone user accounts

This service is no longer connected to the TU/e account database. You can set a password for your account by using the 'forgot password' link on the login form. Students need to log in using their 7-digit id number, not the Windows/network login that starts with an 's'.

Peach³ has been replaced with a Canvas App: Momotor LTI Tool Provider

This makes the automated checking of submissions as done by peach³ available in Canvas. All other peach³ functionality, including peer reviews and plagiarism detection, is not part of the Momotor App since these functionalities either already exist in Canvas or other Canvas add-ons.

Documentation on how to enable Momotor for a course can be found in the "Momotor LTI Tool Provider" online documentation and on the Momotor project website.

For more information please see the announcement page: Peach³ phased out, replaced by Momotor plug-in for Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have two FAQs available:



peach³ is a system for the presentation of assignments, the collection, storage, and automated and/or manual evaluation of work submitted for assignments, and the administration of results. Originally, the system was developed with a focus on programming education assignments and programming contest problems, but nowadays it can be used for any kind of assignments that require submission of work in the form of one or more files.

If you are interested in peach³ itself, please see the peach³ website at

peach³ at the TU/e

This installation of peach³ is for use by students and faculty of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Registration for peach³ is not required for TU/e students and staff. They can log in using their central TU/e "NT-account", the username and password that is used to log in into the university's central services.

If you are a teacher at the TU/e and want to use peach³ for your course, please contact us.